Thursday, December 01, 2011

Bighorn Sheep at Carrizo Canyon

This Thursday's trek was a cold and windy morning at Carrizo Canyon in Palm Desert, CA. There was a pleasant surprise that made this hike special. We spotted a herd of five bighorn sheep going up a steep slope above us! The sheep looked tiny from the distance however, I was able to zoom in on them with my Canon HV40 camcorder. Sorry the footage is a little blurry. With the wind factor and zooming to the max without using a tripod made it very challenging. Watch the above video of our hike.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! Great capture of the bighorns! Some years ago I saw a heard up close and personal at the La Mirada Estates (Ritz-Carlton, R.M.). they were eating the rich people's petunias and everything that bloomed in their yards. BJ

Desertnut said...

Thanks, BJ! It was exciting to watch the beautiful bighorns up on the ridge of the mountain. That was too funny about the bighorns eating the petunias! lol!