Thursday, November 04, 2010

Coachella Valley Preserve Hike

The Coachella Valley Preserve has several hiking trails. This Thursday, we hiked three trails: Pushawalla Palms, Horseshoe Palms and Hidden Palms which are all on the San Andreas Fault. It was a strenuous to moderate hike that took us 3 hours. The loop was around 8 miles. Come join our hike by watching the above video!

Click on above image to view more pictures.

It was a nice day for hiking and we loved the scenery!


Jennifer said...

Can you tell me, in your opinion, which are the best hikes for kids in the area? We did Ladder Canyon but that's all so far. We like unusual things and with not a whole lot of difficulty since I'm dealing with kids here. :)

Desertnut said...

Hi Jennifer! I think the Moon Country Hike at the Coachella Valley Preserve would be a good hike for kids. The Moon hike looks similar to the ladder hike because of the rock formation. It's an easy hike and I thought it was interesting.

Also the trail at The Living Desert in Palm Desert. There's a fee to get into the zoo however.

Here's my post on the Moon Country Hike I posted last April: The Desertnut Vlog: Moon Country Hike

Good luck!


Jennifer said...

Thanks! We'll try that one out. :)