Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Old Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Many years ago, when I was young, I made handmade Christmas ornaments made out of dough. It's amazing that these ornaments stayed in tact after all these years!

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Title: Silent Night

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Every year, at this time, I always dread getting out the old fake Christmas tree and decorations from the attic (actually hubby climbs up there and gets them). Once I go through the boxes and start putting up the decorations, I'm in the holiday spirit! I turn on the gas fireplace, listen to Jingle Bell's Rock while watching old Saint Nick swinging his hips and hanging the ornaments on the tree.

When I'm done decorating, I'm so impressed how good our tree looks even though it's well over 15 years old! The only downside is stringing the mini lights around it, compare to the new trees that have the lights already built inside it.  At least I saved a lot of money through the years not buying a tree. The pictures above were all taken with my 3G iPhone.

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