Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving - November 25, 2010

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my little sister's house. Everyone brought potluck this year. My sister bought a 16-18 pound fresh organic turkey. It was cooked in a big roasting bag that cut the time in half and was delicious! We cooked the yams and corn outside on the barbecue. My niece made the green bean casserole. My other sister brought vegetables, mashed potatoes and made a salad. Then we had pumpkin and apple pies for desert. What a feast!

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A funny thing happened to me while spending the night at my sister's. We were sleeping downstairs when my sisters dog, barking in the garage, woke me up. I opened the back door that lead to the garage. It was pitch black. Suddenly, a big 85 pound golden retriever named, Roslyn started jumping all over me giving puppy licks! I couldn't find the light switch. So I decided to open the door to shed some light. Then I discovered the door I just came through had locked automatically! Oh no! I'm locked out of the house and trapped in the garage! Now what do I do?

I didn't bother to knock on the door because my mother was sleeping in the next room and I knew she wouldn't hear me anyway. So I decided to feel my way around the walls of the garage looking for a light switch or a garage door button. The only thing I found was Roslyn's big fluffy lambs wool bed. I thought, when push comes to shove, I could always sleep in her bed until morning.

Then I noticed there was a side door next to the dog's bed. I quickly opened the door that lead to outside. Whew! Free at last! Then I went out the back gate and walked around to the front door. I knew ringing the door bell would wake up everyone in the house, so I tapped lightly on the front door. I was hoping to wake my husband, but no luck! Here I am standing in my summer pj's, barefoot and in the freezing cold! The heck with this I thought. So I rang the dang door bell anyway. Suddenly all the lights in the house lit up like a Christmas tree and the dog started barking again! Finally my husband opened the front door. "Didn't you hear me knocking?" I complained. His response was "No, I was sleeping!" Then he tells me that the front door was never locked. Geesh!

Update: My sister Marie, the one who broke her ankle two weeks ago, had surgery and is doing fine. She had a plate and six screws to hold her ankle together. She said it was very painful!

When my sister got her new cast, she decided to be strong and go with a Rambo camouflaged cast cover (see photo to the left). She also started a new blog to chronicle her ankle recovery. Click HERE to view my sister's blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Carla!
So sorry to read about your sister, Marie's, broken leg and surgery. I don't know if this is cool to reply like this (you don't know me but I know your pain, smell and itch!). I found as a great website for people like us! The owner is the mom of a 7-caster (can you imagine?)! They have covers (prevents chafing, scratching and snagging)and are fun to wear and the really cool CastCooler that stops smell and itch. My deepest apologies if I've offended anyone by replying to this post, just wanted to help!

Desertnut said...

Hi, Carla!
Thanks for your comment (I love comments)! I will share your message to my sister. I know she'll appreciate it.

After seeing my sister's x-rays and incision I'm being more careful on my hikes. I hope I never break a bone, it's pretty scary!

Thanks, again for your helpful information for my sis. Sorry to hear about your broken leg too.