Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eisenhower Loop Trail Hike - Palm Desert, CA

While some people were rushing to the mailbox to meet the deadline to file their taxes, we went to The Living Desert to hike the Eisenhower Mountain Trail Loop. It was a good workout and plenty of great scenes along the way.

At the beginning of our hike we were lucky enough to see a whole family of bighorn sheep. Then shortly after we signed in to start our trek, we seen something that none of us ever saw in our entire lives. Swarming bees! That's right, thousands or maybe millions of bees in a tree. You'll see this in my video but don't worry, I kept my distance by filming several feet away.

Click HERE for more pictures of our hike

Once we reached the top of the trail we saw beautiful panaromic views of Indian Wells. We liked this hike so much we will definitely come back again!

BTW: On the way back we didn't sign out on the "Sign Out Sheet" because someone stole the pencil. Just wanted to let everyone know, we made it out of there safely.

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