Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lake Cahuilla Hike

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On Thursday, January 28th, we planned on meeting a hiking group at a truck stop to go to the Ladder Canyon hike. We waited awhile but no one showed up so we decided to drive directly to Painted Canyons. Now we know why there was a "no show".... the road to the trailhead was closed at the Coachella Canal due to the recent rains.

So now what do we do? We were so disappointed, that we just couldn't go directly back home. We decided to find another hiking trail near by. We drove around looking for trails but most was private property. We ended up going to Lake Cahuilla. We've hiked from The Cove To Lake Trail near Boo Hoff before, but thought it would be interesting to hike starting from the lake this time.

There was a network of trails though the rocky terrain on the south side of Lake Cahuilla. The rapid change of elevation provided some dramatic views of the eastern end of the Coachella Valley.

Click on above image to view more pictures of our hike.

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