Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cove To Lake Trail, 2009 - La Quinta, CA

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Last Thursday, we hiked the Cove To Lake Trail in La Quinta. We started our 3 mile trek at the East Cove Trailhead parking lot and ended at Lake Cahuilla Trailhead. Some areas felt like we were walking on a beach, there was a lot of loose sand and gravel. Other areas were hilly with a lot of big rocks to climb and some broken glass along the way. I'm so glad I wore my regular hiking boots.

Above is a map of the trail we took (click on image to enlarge). We saw a beautiful private golf course hidden in the canyon.

This hike I felt was low-to-moderate intensity, except for one extremely hilly climb. At one point, I started to sweat and got out of breath. That was definitely a good cardiac stimulation. I really enjoyed the desert scenic views.

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