Friday, April 03, 2009

Mother Hummingbird Feeding Her Babies

I got lucky yesterday evening when I found the mother hummingbird feeding her babies. I wished I had my tripod with me, the video is a little shakey.

My plan is to film the babies until they grow up and fly away. I have a lot of good footage I haven't posted yet that I will eventually use to make a complete movie with background music. The following are short clips of the hummingbirds I posted so far on Vimeo and here:

Hummingbird in a Nest
Eggs Hatched Today - Baby Hummingbirds

So stay tuned, more to come!


Anonymous said...

Linda, I was not able to play the video, and of course I do not know why. But I hope you did not sustain any injuries in the pursuit of your art! That hummingbird Mom was ferocious last time!

Does your Haircaster say pony hair day today? LOL!

I get so excited when I look at the bottom of one of your videos and see the button for a "newer post." Woo hoo! Keep 'em coming! from Betty

Desertnut said...


To think I just had my hair done today and now it's covered with sand. I guess I just where hat today! LOL

I wonder why Vimeo video didn't work for you. Maybe their server was down. Try viewing it through Viddyou here:

Thanks again for your comments! You inspire me to keep my blog up! Stay indoors today or you'll have wind blown hair like me. LOL!


Desertnut said...

Oops! Meant to say wear a hat not where a hat. But then again the wind blew off my hat and I don't know where it is. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Linda, That is funny about where your hat is. Maybe it blew into our yard. ha.

I messed up about "pony hair day." I guess you got what I meant.

Yes, I was able to view the baby hum-feasting.

BTW, my hair always looks a little wind-blown. That's the style. I was inspired by Albert Einstein. ha. Hair-wise only, that is. Not brain-wise. ha again. Betty

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda, This morning my husband found a parking pass for Woodhaven for tomorrow, Sunday 4/5. Still looking for your hat! LOL! Betty

Desertnut said...

Betty!! LOL!!!!