Monday, April 06, 2009

Fun Afternoon at the Indian Wells Arts Festival

We went to the Indian Wells Arts Festival 2009 at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden over the weekend. There was so much to see there. I enjoyed going to all the different exhibits that displayed mural painting, rock sculpting, glass blowing, and much more. Watch the above 4:41 minute video that highlights some of the things I liked.

Hubby and I had to try the hot waffle ice-cream. It was great, however, we had to eat it very fast. It was melting and dripping all over my arms and clothes. Not a good idea to eat on a warm sunny day. A good thing it was vanilla and not chocolate! LOL!

Please note, because the video is in HD and is over 4 minutes long, Movie may take a long time to download which causes delay (stop & go movements) while playing. If this happens, click on movie again to pause while it's downloading and buffering.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video. I like the split screen and how the bottom half beats/music matched the movement of the top movement. The glass blower was facinating! He had to work so fast, AND he narrated what he was doing! Thanks so much for filming the Arts Festival! Now I feel as though I have been there!
from Betty

Desertnut said...

Thanks, Betty! I always like to try something new and different when editing my videos. It was a huge learning curve for me going from iMovie HD 06 to Final Cut, but glad I did.

I enjoyed Santana's art glass. He does such beautiful work.