Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cool Windmill Hologram

In the above video I show an amazing digital hologram that comes to life right in your hands just by using a piece of paper. You can try it too by going to:

GE Plug Into the Smart Grid | Augmented Reality

Try it, I just did. It's fun!


Anonymous said...

Linda, You found such an interesting video! At first I was able to do it, then when I wanted to show it to my husband, of course it wouldn't work. Then when he sat down... guess what? yes it worked! Thanks for showing it! from Betty

Desertnut said...


That sounds so familiar! I hate it when that happens!! LOL!! Glad you tried it! I was so amazed when I first saw this. Technology is really changing fast. Pretty soon we'll be able to beam ourselves up Scotty! LOL!

btw, stay tuned...a new update of the baby hummingbirds is coming next.

Thanks for watching!