Friday, March 27, 2009

Mardi Gras Invitational Golf Tournament 2009

Congratulations to (from left) Helen Rumberger and Danette Ferro who came in 1st Place for the Mardi Gras Invitational Golf Tournament 2009! Way to go!!!!

The 1st Place Horse Race Winners were (from left) Donna Gustafson and Frances Burk. Congratulations to both!

The Woodhaven Women's Golf Club, Mardi Gras Invitational Golf Tournament began March 25th through 27th. To view pictures click on the following link: Desertnut's Photos.

The above is a picture of the committee who did a fantastic job putting this event together. From left: Judy Brennan, Connie Booth, Jolene Coy and Judy Evans. A special thanks to Connie Booth, the chairperson, who organized this successful event!!!!

The above video highlights the volunteers supporting the Woodhaven Women's Golf Club, Mardi Gras Invitational Golf Tournament 2009.

Intro Music: News Theme
Kevin MacLeod

The above is a five minute video on the Horse Race Tournament. Enjoy! Both videos are in high quality.

Music Title: Cold Funk
Kevin MacLeod


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda- the photos are beautiful..Thank you for all your time spent taking them, setting them up on this blog and smugmug, and delivering the copies to us so that we can hand them out at the last day.

I really enjoyed watching the slideshow -- we were so busy planning and implementing but couldn't be everywhere to see final results. Your photos made that possible! Great to see everyone having fun!
many thanks - Connie

Desertnut said...

Thanks, Connie! Again, I wanted to say, you did a great job putting this event together. We had fun!!!!

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