Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hair Weather Report!

I have this cool application for my iPhone called Haircaster. It analyzes the weather conditions to tell you if it's going to be a good or bad hair day. Who knew in today's world that we can now get a forecast for our own hair do! LOL! Guess what hair style I had to wear today? Watch the video!


betty said...

I love the haircaster! "Tie your hair up" was an understatement! More like tie your hair to a bolder if you are going outside so as not to blow away! I love your video of the palm trees! Once again your video has the effect of making important and interesting the common occurances here in the desert. BTW, I have the type of hair style where it is impossible to tell whether I am having a good or a bad hair day. It is short and goes every which way on purpose. LOL! Thanks for another fantastic video! P.S., I responded to things you wrote back to me on previous videos. I do not know if you are made aware of that. Not that you need to respond to those, or anything... betty

betty said...

and the special ed teacher spelled boulder as bolder. Oh well!