Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hummingbird In A Nest

A neighbor down the street has a hummingbird nest on their porch light pole sign with two little eggs in it. The incubation usually lasts 16-18 days.

I filmed the above video on March 12, 2009. That means the baby hummingbirds will hatch this week or next week (not sure exactly when the eggs were laid).

To view higher quality or download pictures for printing click on the following blue link:

Hummingbird Photos

To be continued...


betty said...

That nest is so adorable! I am anxious to see the new babies video! The other nest on the golfer wind chime was way cute too. Like he was going to swing at them!

I take water aerobics classes at Eisenhower hospital. There is a pond there that some Canadian geese have found as their winter vacation spot. Just like the human Canadians. I have noticed that both populations are thinning out lately. The geese were very unshy about people walking by as they sunned themselves on the grass or roadway.

Recently we rented out our casita to a young man from India. He said he had never seen a hummingbird in real life until he saw one out our kitchen window. He was thrilled. Meeting people from other countries helps me to not take some things for granted.

Desertnut said...

Thanks, Betty! Can't wait to see the baby hummingbirds too. Neighbor will call me when eggs hatch.

I've been to the Eisenhower hospital many times when my grandfather was there a couple of years ago before he passed away. I use to watch the Canadian geese roaming around in and out of the pond. It was very peaceful for me at the time.

We are the lucky ones to be surround with beautiful flowers, mountains, and life itself. I will never take things for granted.