Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's Ella's 7th Birthday

Today's our granddaughter, Ella's 7th birthday. It seemed like yesterday she was just a little baby. Time is going by way too fast!

The following is a beautiful poem I found that reminds me of Ella:

Granddaughter on this special day
These words are sent to say
You bring a ray of sunshine
Into the world each day.
For having you as a Granddaughter
Is a gift to closely hold
Always and forever
To treasure just like Gold.
For you are always there
Like a light that shines so bright
And you spread rainbows of happiness
Over everything in sight.
So thank you so much Ella
For all the things you do
For all the kindness in your heart
And fun and laughter too!

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Posh Totty said...

Happy 7th Birthday to Ella Xx