Thursday, February 02, 2012

Painted Canyon Ladder Loop Hike 2012

Leo's daughter, Chris, was visiting from Florida and we thought it would be fun to do the Painted Canyon Ladder Loop hike. Also Dan and Linda brought her sister, Raylean, from Canada to join us too. Both Chris and Raylean thought the hike was incredible! Watch the above video.

This makes it our fifth hike to the Painted Canyon Ladder Loop. That's how much we like it.



KatePresents said...

I'm going to be doing this hike this weekend. Can I ask, are any of the ladders broken or missing? We are planning to do the loop up ladder canyon where you pop out onto the upper mesa with a view of the radio towers and then drop back down into painted canyon to complete the circle. I've heard in the painted canyon section, there is a rope now instead of a ladder- is that what you found?


Desertnut said...

Hi Kate,
The ladders that were broken were replaced with new ladders. The one that has the rope also has a tall ladder. There was one area that should have a ladder but has none: see on my video section 00:43. We didn't have any trouble climbing up though. This is a very fun and scenic hike. You will love it!

Thanks for stopping by!
Linda (the desertnut)