Monday, September 13, 2010

Rusti & Violet the Orangutans

Everyday after my hike, I usually stop at the Honolulu Zoo to visit Rusti & Violet, the two orangutans. The day before while visiting at the zoo, I had some popcorn with me. Rusti came real close to the viewing glass where I was standing and stared directly at me. He watched every move I made while I ate my popcorn. I felt so bad eating in front of him I decided to put the popcorn away in my backpack.

The very next day while visiting the two orangutans again, I saw Rusti and Violet up in their tree for the first time. Rusti broke a tree branch from above and dropped it to the ground. Then he climbed down to a net and did a few tumble and tosses before he retrieved the broken tree branch.

I was totally surprised when he brought the branch close to the viewing glass where I was standing and defiantly ate the leaves right in front of me. I guess Rusti was getting even with me for not sharing my popcorn from the day before! LOL!

Watch the above movie I took with my iPhone.

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