Saturday, August 07, 2010

Honolulu Zoo

Yesterday, I spent the morning at the Honolulu Zoo taking pictures and video. The above movie contains a wide variety of animals and birds that I thought were very interesting or unique. Check it out!

I totally enjoyed watching Rusty and Violet, the two Orangutans. Rusty stared intently at Violet playing and chewing on an old sports shoe. As soon as Violet dropped the shoe, Rusty picked it up and started studying it and then took a bite at it. He eventually tossed the shoe because he was not amused. Both orangutans are too cute and funny in their own way. Also, I left the original sounds to the video. Listen carefully to the conversation of a little boy in the background talking to his mother about the orangutans. That even made it more funnier.

Click on above image to view more pictures.

I'm pleased to hear that the elephants will be moving out of their little cubbyhole and into a new and bigger place real soon. Finally, it's about time!

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