Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goodbye Mack - In Memory

With great sadness Mack, our friends dog, was put down early this morning after suffering from cancer. Mack had just turned 16 years old on July 27th. Our deepest sympathy goes out to John and Darlene for their tremendous loss. He meant everything to them.

Mack was a beautiful West Highland White Terrier who touched our lives too. I will always remember Mackie peeking through our shutters to see if we were home. If he saw any movement in the house he would sit there and wait until someone opened the sliding glass door to let him in. He usually would come over around 4 PM (happy hour) to get his treat (chicken). We are truly going to miss him! See above video I did two years ago.

I envision Mack going to a place called Rainbow Bridge where he will be greeted at the gate by our beloved dog Pumpkin.

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