Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whitewater Preserve Hike

The Whitewater Preserve was on our list to hike and we finally accomplished it today. It was an easy 4.5 mile hike with pretty scenic views. It's located between the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains. Exit north from the I-10 then turn left on the Whitewater Canyon Road (about 5 miles). The Preserve is at the end of the road. There you will see a historic lodge of the former trout farm and is now used as a visitor and ranger station. Picnic area and ponds with fish surround this area. See above video and pictures below.

We started our hike by first signing in and then following a rock lined trail that led us to a wash. I thought it was pretty cool walking through the streams. At least we got our dusty hiking boots washed and air-dried (very windy there) for free! LOL!

This hike felt like a "walk in a park." We are so use to more challenging hikes then this one. It was definitely different, however, I enjoyed the leisurely walk and taking pictures of the wash and the surrounding area. We saw several shrubs lined up on the side of the trail that looked just like poison oak that had very shiny leaves. We stayed clear from those plants, just in case they were poison oak!

While hiking back, we ended up walking on an open highway back to the lodge. That's when I noticed a bright orange butterfly on the side of a mountain. When I zoomed in for a close up from my camcorder, I found out it wasn't a butterfly. It was a beautiful bright orange bird. It looked more like an Oriole but not really sure (see bird in above video).

The above video was made for Leo (our hiking buddy who is gone for the season). I told Leo last week that I have so much more energy and stamina since sprinkling Chia Seeds on my breakfast. I forgot to give him the web site on where I order my seeds.

So Leo, Click Here for the web site where you can order the Chia Seeds. Don't blame me if you sprout any green fuzz on the top of your head! LOL! Just kidding! We miss you Leo!

A special thank you to my uncle Vinny from Connecticut who told me about these miracle seeds! Either the chia seeds work or it might be psychosomatic but I feel energized. I even cleaned my closet out when I got back from my hike.

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