Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hiking 1st Grotto - Mecca Hills, CA

We wanted to do one more hike in the low desert before it got too hot. So this Thursday we elected to take a hike in the Mecca Hills Wilderness.

We have heard a lot of interesting things about the Grottos and wanted to see it first hand. We brought our flashlights to go through the pitch-black caves (very spooky). The only thing I regret, I should have worn long pants. Leo scuffed his knees working his way through some tight crawl spaces and commented he wished he brought his knee pads, LOL!

The trailhead is just off of Box Canyon Road near Mecca, California. This hike was moderate to difficult. The hiking book stated it was a five mile hike. Based on our effort and time it took us to make this hike, we believe it was closer to seven miles. Unfortunately, Jim, our pedometeter tracker was unable to be with us on this hike.

There was a lot of steep and narrow trails. Plenty of sand to shake out of my hiking boots and enough caves and crawl spaces to bring the child out of me. This was one of my favorite hikes so far!

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