Sunday, November 22, 2009

Take a Picture of the Cat

Over a month ago, my mother found a stray skinny little kitten at her back door. She felt sorry for it, so she fed it. The next day the little kitty came back again for more food. When my mom opened the door, the kitty ran in the house. She tried to catch him but he hid somewhere in the house. Later the kitten made himself comfortable and was playing with my mom's other cat, Apollo's, toys. Apollo and the kitten got along fine. Mom was worried about the coyotes that night so she decided to keep it.

When I went to visit my mom, I never actually saw the kitty. I was beginning to worry that maybe my mother was seeing things. She told me the kitten was scared and he hides all the time. I told her to take a picture of the cat so I can see it. So I gave her a digital camera and showed her how to use it.

The next time I came to visit my mother, she asked me to show her how to use the camera again. She tried taking pictures and wasn't sure if she pressed the right buttons. When I looked in her camera I was amazed! She took several pictures of the wall, her leg, a couple of lamps, the ceiling and she actually got the wild little kitty posing sitting on the end of her sofa. I thought it was kind of funny seeing a bronze cat on her end table and the wild cat posing exactly the same way as the figurine. Can you imagine if she only knew how to use her camera, some of her pictures might have gotten in the National Geographic Magazine! Gotta love my mother! LOL!

BTW...I hope my mother is not raising a Bobcat, it's getting big!

Update: I finally got to see what the kitten looked like, watch the below movie:

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