Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunset or Sunrise - Reversed Time Lapse

This sunset was filmed at Waikiki Beach looking out from the Foster Tower last month. I increased the speed of the video to give it a time lapse effect. Then reversed the footage so it would appear like a sunrise.

The music was put together in Soundtrack. Using this great software helps me to create the right music mood for some of my video needs. After speeding up the above footage, it ended up being only 33 seconds long.


Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed all your Hawaii videos... good stuff. I must say that I was expecting to see the "green flash" on the sunset portion of this one. Your vlog keeps me entertained and I look forward to the new adventures...

Alameda, CA

Desertnut said...

Thanks ARH! Since the video is in reverse, I checked back on my original footage. I didn't notice the green flash there either. It may not have been a super clear evening.