Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hiking up Diamond Head - Honolulu, HI

Now that we're back from our Hawaii trip, I'll be posting video of all the highlights we enjoyed there. The videos I'm about to post are not in order of our trip. This first movie is about our hike up Diamond Head. It was a lot easier then it looked.

Just wear comfortable shoes and watch your step. Hope you enjoy the hike!

Click on the following web sites that gives a great explanation about Diamond Head: - Diamond Head

Topher's Castle - Hike Diamond Head

To view pictures, click on the following: Diamond Head Hike - Desertnut's Photos- powered by SmugMug


Anonymous said...

Good hike... It looked a lot tougher than I thought it would be... Good video too!

Alameda, CA

Desertnut said...

Thanks, ARH!

Anonymous said...

That was a great video! I really enjoyed it because I haven't taken the hike for over 15-20 years and I noticed there have been a few changes. It looks cleaner but it's still a tough hike!


Desertnut said...

Thanks, Joan! I went to the ABC Store to buy flashlights for the tunnel and the clerk told me I didn't need any. They put lights in the tunnel recently because people were getting hurt walking in the pitch dark.

I enjoyed the hike so much, that I went back again, only this time without my hubby. I also walked from Diamond Head all the way back
to Waikiki. Then I went to Teddy's and had a burger and fries...LOL!

Again, I also enjoyed hanging out with you at the Aloha Festival Parade. I have a ton of footage of that awesome parade that I will post soon.