Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hummingbird In A Wind Chime - July 7th 2009

Yesterday, one of the birds looked a lot smaller then the other. Today both birds look like the same size. That's a mystery to me, but I'm so relieved that both are doing well. The baby hummingbirds will soon be on their own. I estimated that the birds will leave their nest around July 13th. They almost look too big for their nest now.

The two birds were named Trudy & George. Named after my neighbor and his sister who are also twins.


Anonymous said...

I do not know who took the video, but they did great job... Well done. Glad the babies are making it OK!

Alameda, CA

thepinkdog said...

whew! I'm glad they are doing well. They do look pretty big for their nest. It'll be so sad when they fly away. *sniff*

Desertnut said...

thepinkdog, I will feel relieved when the babies leave their nest. I worry everyday that a strong wind or heat will harm them. I was very surprised that these eggs hatched this time of year. These birdies are late bloomers.