Monday, July 06, 2009

Hummingbird In A Wind Chime - July 6th 2009

Getting a little concerned about one of the baby hummingbirds. Just noticed today that one is smaller then the other. I hope it survives.

Playlist - Baby Hummingbirds Journal


Anonymous said...

It is the 7th... Are the birds OK?Is the little one is "alive and well"?

Alameda, CA

Desertnut said...

ARH, I've checked on the little one today and it's doing fine. I was shocked to see that that the little bird is bigger today. It almost doesn't seem like the same bird. I am so relieved! I'm going to put a video up sometime today so you can see for yourself. These birds look big enough to leave the nest. I figure by the 13th the birds will leave their nest.