Friday, May 22, 2009

For My Dog

I bought a few things for my dog at Watch my video and see what Pumpkin got.


Anonymous said...

Linda, I was not able to view the video, but then I clicked something and saw it on a different site. I am so glad we got to see Pumpkin wear the outfit. She did seem to enjoy the doggles. I guess she is used to you dressing her. Very cute and practical(?) for the desert sun! She just needs a long black ponytail wig, and you would be like twins! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry Pumkin, I meant "he", not "she!" what an insult! Betty G

Desertnut said...


I bet Pumpkin would look like me if he had a ponytail, poor dog, LOL! A lot of my friends that know Pumpkin's a boy still call him a she. I think it's because of his name. I called my dog Pumpkin because he was born on Halloween. Maybe I should have called him Jack (jack-o'lantern) instead.


Jeremy said...

Glad you liked the Hawaiian shirts and the Doggles! Pumpkin's a cutie! With 100 degree temperatures, I'd be hanging out in the shade, too.

Chief Ear Scratcher,

Karen said...

Very cute! Pumpkin looks very stylish. Karen

thepinkdog said...

Pumpkin is styling now! What a cutie! You'll have to shoo away the girls!! Great outfits and matching doggles! ; )