Friday, September 26, 2008

My Sister's Two Chihuahua's OD on Cat Food!

Last night I got an SMS message on my phone from my sister. Usually she sends me messages when she's going to a Movie or a fun place for dinner. Well the message I received late last night was not like the others. It was quite upsetting. She was text messaging from the ER Animal Hospital!

Apparently, my sister's two chihuahua's, Bella and Scout ate a whole six pound bag of dry cat food! The food impacted in their stomach and intestines and the only way out was surgery. The questions that came to my mind was how in the hell did they get into the bag of cat food in the first place...and why did they eat all of it until they almost exploded? I will never understand why her dogs eat everything in sight!

The cat figured out how to open the cupboard door and dropped his bag of cat food onto the floor. The dogs then devoured it. When my sister came home from work, she found her two dogs eating the last few niblets from the empty bag. They became gravely sick and that's when she rushed them to the ER!

The dogs had their stomach's pumped and are recovering from the procedure. More to come on this saga.


Mysti said...

Poor dogs! I hope they have a full recovery soon!

Desertnut said...

Me too Mysti! Thanks for your comment!