Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweet Childhood Memories - MoonPies!

MoonPie was my favorite treat when I was a kid. My sisters and I would always look forward to having it after dinner as a dessert. However, I think I enjoyed eating those treats more then my siblings.

One morning I had such a craving! All I could think of was MoonPies, those round graham crackers, filled with marshmallows and smothered in chocolate. I remember climbing up to the kitchen counter to reach for a MoonPie out of a fresh new box above the refrigerator. Then an hour past and I got another one. Then another hour past I got another and throughout the day until there were none left. As a skinny little eight year old, I wondered how I stayed so thin. It must have been all that climbing.

Now it was dinner time and my mom had cooked a lovely roast. I was so full from eating a dozen MoonPies that day, I could hardly eat a bite. As my mother went by the refrigerator she said "Because you didn't eat your dinner, your sisters are going to have dessert and no dessert for you!" At that point I didn't care as she reached above the refrigerator towards that empty box.

Looking back, I would do it all over again. The only thing I regret is that my poor sisters, Karen and Marie, had no MoonPies that night.

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