Monday, August 01, 2011

Injured Pelican

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A neighbor came by yesterday to tell me about an injured pelican on our golf course. The pelican was on the 17th fairway near the lake. So we both went over to check on the poor bird that was sitting with it's eyes closed. It didn't even move when we were standing very close. My neighbor and I went back home to make some calls to find someone to rescue the Pelican.

I immediately contacted the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center, CVWBC. They were very helpful. Even though it was on a Sunday, they would try to get someone out to rescue the bird. Meanwhile, I checked on the pelican again and could see that it had an injured right foot.


When Amanda from CVWBC came to rescue the pelican, it flew away. We know the bird is still injured, however, if it comes back we will contact Amanda again. Thank you Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center!

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