Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going Around & Around

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Last night we went around and around like a carousel looking for our car at the Irvine Spectrum Center. We were positive we parked our Enclave on the 2nd level in section A of the parking structure.  The first thing that came to mind someone had stole our vehicle. Dang! Expensive cameras and all our personal stuff in the trunk will be gone!

After spending over 30 minutes frantically running around like a lost dog, my husband finally called OnStar. The lady at OnStar was extremely helpful. She was able to verify that our car was still on the premises, however, could not verify what level. She remotely activated the horn and lights but we saw or heard nothing. After a few minutes we saw flashing lights and the sound of a horn. Quickly we ran towards the vehicile that was making the noise and realized it was not ours. We weren't the only ones with a lost car. We saw and heard several other cars with flashing lights and horns, but still ours was not to be found.

The lady at OnStar stayed on the line the whole time trying to help us. She then suggested to contact Security and she made the call for us. When she passed the connection to Gordon, the first questioned they asked him, "Are you in the 3 level or the 5 level parking structure?" Duh! There were two buildings! After being directed to the other one, we found our beautiful Enclave sitting pretty, safe and sound in section A2. Thank you Onstar and thank you mall Security!

Above video captured with a iPhone 4

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