Sunday, June 05, 2011

A really Cool Gift!

Just got a package in the mail from my sister. She got me a really cool gift for my birthday. Thank you, Karen, I can't wait to use it! I love it!


Karen said...


You're welcome! I'm happy you like your gift. Wait until you use it. It really saves tme and is easy to clean. No fuss, no mess way to make a delicious salad and more!


Desertnut said...

Going through the book, will have to do some grocery shopping. Gordie's going to love this too.

Anonymous said...

Watch them fingernails though when using it. BJ

Desertnut said...

B.J. : The neat thing about this Salad Chef, your hands and fingers are no where close to the blades. That's because it's protected by the top cover when pressing down.