Friday, May 20, 2011

Hiking in Palm Desert, CA

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Yesterday, we hiked six different trails in Palm Desert.  We started at the Gabby Hayes Trailhead, then to the Hopalong Cassidy, Herb Jefferies, Magnesia Spring (not a trail but a location), Bump and Grind and finished our hike off of Mike Schuler Trail. It was a five mile hike with elevations at 1,300 feet.


On the side of the trail I saw a large lizard bathing in the sun (see above photo). Not far from there I also saw a roadrunner with something in it's mouth (see photo below). So I stopped to take pictures and film it by zooming in on the roadrunner to get a close up. When I uploaded it to my computer, I was shocked at what I had captured. The pictures showed a lizard hanging out of the side of the roadrunners beak. I decided not to post it here because it was too graphic and gross. It made me feel sorry for the poor little lizard. Especially when I just saw one. I guess that's nature, but it still makes me feel sad.


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