Monday, April 18, 2011

The Get Together - Classmates

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We went to our friends, the Oliver's, house for an afternoon picnic. My husband, Gordon, went to Colton High School with Harry, Carroll and Dennis. Gordie reunited with them when they found each other on Classmates many years ago. Since then, we meet each other a couple of times a year. Watch the above short movie trailer.

The Oliver's have a hummingbird nest in their tree. We were lucky to see the mama bird sitting on her eggs. They also have beautiful roses all around their recreation area (see photo below).

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Thank you, Harry and Carroll, for the lovely picnic! We had a great time. Sorry, Brigitte, for knocking your chip off the shuffleboard to win the game. I swear I'm not mean! Did I ever tell you that I am very competitive? Ask my sister. lol!

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