Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Cafe at Shields Review - Indio, CA

One of my friends mentioned to me that there's a new cafe at Shields Date Garden in Indio. So today, after hiking, Gordon and I went to The Cafe at Shields Date Garden

The cafe is located outside in the back of Shields. All the tables had sun umbrellas and white table cloths along with cloth napkins. My hubby ordered tacos, see picture below, and I ordered the grilled portobello burger. While we were waiting for our lunch, I saw wonderful salads and sandwiches served to the other customers. When we got our food, I was so impressed with the presentation, it looked so pretty and healthy with the fresh fruit. The grilled portobello burger was the best I ever had! Watch my video (made with my iPhone).


Shields Date Garden has been around since 1924 and is famous for their date shakes. I always bring friends and relatives from out of town to experience Shields wonderful shakes. Now we have a great place to go to for breakfast or lunch.

Betty G, if you happen to view my video blog, this maybe the place we should go for lunch next month.

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