Thursday, January 13, 2011

Palm Canyon, East Fork Loop Hike - Palm Springs, CA

We enjoyed last weeks hike, the Andreas and the Murray Canyon Trail, so much that we decided to do the Palm Canyon, East Fork Loop this Thursday. This was a 7.5 mile loop hike that took us 3.5 hours to complete. It was 1,100 feet total elevation change and we rated this hike moderate because of a few areas of rock climbing.

We drove up to the Trading Post at the Indian Canyons, Aqua Caliente Indian Reservation. Just before we started our trek we stopped to watch a lot of hummingbirds at several large feeders. In the above video you will see some really closeup shots of these fearless tiny birds fending for their food against competing bees. We were so amazed that they were not afraid of the bees or getting their pictures taken.

The Palm Canyon hike was just as beautiful as last weeks trek but a lot longer. The trails lead to beautiful desert scenery and it was hard to imagine we were so close to civilization. Watch the above video and enjoy watching hummingbirds and the magnificent fan palms and more.

Click on above image to view more pictures of hummingbirds
Click on above image to view more pictures of our hike

Length: 7.5 mile loop
Hiking Time: 3.5 hour
Elevation Gain: 1100 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

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