Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lost Palms Oasis - Joshua Tree National Park

This is our second trek at Lost Palms Oasis in Joshua Tree National Park. The weather was not as nice as last year's hike. The winds were blowing around 30 miles and hour and it was very cold to boot! I don't know about the others, but I couldn't wait for this 7.3 mile round trip hike to be over with. I made the mistake by not wearing long pants or warmer clothes. Watch the above video.


One good thing about this hike though, we walked very briskly and got done quicker then any hike we had ever done! My hubby, Gordie, who normally lags behind, was leading the pack and we could hardly keep up with him. With his hood pulled tightly around his head, he looked exactly like Kenny, the animated character on the T.V. series called South Park.

Take a look at my post from last years hike by clicking on the following link: The Desertnut Vlog: A Hike at Joshua Tree National Park.
Total Distance: 7.34 Miles
Climbed: 309 Feet
Total Time: 3:26
Difficulty: Moderate due to distance and some treacherous footing

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