Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Rant: Video Archives Missing!

If you happened to look back at my video archives on my blog, you will notice most of my videos are missing. Here's the reason why:

I've been video blogging since 2005. Most of my videos were hosted on Viddyou which later was sold to Motionbox. A while later I got an email alerting me that Snapfish bought Motionbox and that I needed to transfer my videos to them by August 10, 2010. I didn't have enough time to transfer my videos because I was away on vacation. When I returned from vacation I discovered all my videos were deleted. We're talking about several years worth of videos I put on my blog that is completely gone! Now when anyone goes back to my archives there are no videos. Only empty black boxes (see above image).

In order to correct this, I need to search for hundreds of videos on my computer's hard drive to upload once again to another host. Then I will replace what was removed from Snapfish, which was four years of work I put on my blog. I am not a happy camper! One thing for sure, I will not use Snapfish services anytime soon!

If there is any particular video you want to see from my archives, let me know. I will put it at the top of my list.


D.D. said...

Hi Linda. Geez. That must be so frustrating. It must have spoiled your mood after vacation! Hope you can find a more reliable host next.

Desertnut said...

Yes, I was very upset when I saw that. I'm over it now and all I can do is upload the videos again one by one and embed the codes back on my blog (which will take me forever). I doubt I'll be able to find all the old videos, just too many. I decided to use Youtube to host most of my videos. At least we know they are very popular, good quality, reliable and been around for a long time.