Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walking Around Oahu

Today I did a lot of walking. I hiked up to Diamond Head and then walked to the Ala Moana Center to buy a pedometer. I took the time to film some colorful Koi at the mall with my iPhone. See above video.

After purchasing the pedometer I wanted to test walk it. So I trekked all the way to Chinatown. The distance from the mall to Chinatown was only 2.6 miles. It's amazing I didn't get lost. However, on the way back to Waikiki, I couldn't find the street I originally was on. It didn't matter, as long as there was a beach I knew which direction to head back to. When I finally made it back to Waikiki Beach, the distance came to 7.6 miles. This does not include the round trip to Diamond Head and back and to the mall. I'm estimating another 10.5 miles which totals around 18 miles! But wait...I forgot to mention another 5 miles that hubby and I walked from the Sushi place to a movie and then back to Waikiki Beach. That makes it a grand total of 23 miles I walked yesterday! I didn't wear my usual walking shoes because the rubber soles were worn thin. Wearing different shoes caused blisters on both of my toes, but that's o.k., I still enjoyed the walk!

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