Friday, June 11, 2010

Exploring Indian Cove - Joshia Tree National Park

We went to Joshua Tree National Park again for this week's hike because it was twenty degrees cooler than compared to Palm Desert. Rattlesnake Canyon was on our agenda until we saw the following sign:

In a way we were relieved we didn't hike Rattlesnake Canyon because there were plenty of other trails in this vicinity. So we drove down the road into Indian Cove and parked near a huge boulder. There we spent the morning hiking through a maze of beautiful rock formations that left our imaginations go wild. At one point we thought we saw a black snake coiled up sitting on a rock near a couple of stones. When we got a little closer, we relized it was just another rock. Some of the rocks looked like sculls or the heads of dinosaurs. It's a no wonder this place is called Wonderland of Rocks.

We also took a nature walk down Indian Cove Trail. We were facinated by the desert's surrounding natural beauty. The Paperbag Bush is a shrub we never saw before until just now. We learned that the ground squirrels sometimes climb in the branches, collect seeds in their cheek pouches, and store them in burrows for later eating.

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