Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hiking by Bob Hope's House

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This Thursday's Hike took us to a very recognizable landmark in South Palm Springs. Bob Hope's house sits on a ridge looking out over South Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, and the rest of Coachella Valley. Our Hike allowed us to share this fantastic view and see the Bob Hope house up close.

To get to the Araby Trailhead, take Highway 111 to Southridge Drive and immediately park on the right. My above video will show you clearly at the beginning where to park. The trail starts right across Southridge Drive.

We hiked a little over two miles up this moderate trail (around a 1,000 feet) to see beautiful panorama views of the Palm Springs area. We saw planes taking off from the Palm Springs International Airport. We also ran into a hiker from Geico Insurance who was sitting on a rock resting. He didn't try to sell us any insurance. That's when we realized he wasn't The Geico Gecko Lizard but a Side-Blotched Lizard, LOL!



Anni Poulsen said...

thoroughly enjoyed that video! Makes me want to dust off my hiking boots.
Hope you're both well?

Desertnut said...

Thanks, Poulsen! Come fly your "big blue plane" out here and join us sometime. You won't need to dust off your hiking boots out here. They'll only get dusty again with our trails.

Hope all is well, we miss you! Gordon says hi! Hugs!