Sunday, October 18, 2009

Waimea Falls - Oahu, Hawaii

On September 24, 2009, we went to the Waimea Falls Park attraction in Oahu. We hiked along the trails taking photos and video of the beautiful botanical gardens, before we got to the falls. The stunning trees and atmosphere were so incredibly amazing that even my photographs did not capture the real beauty that we actually saw through our own naked eyes. We saw peacocks, chickens, and all kinds of wild birds throughout the gardens. A paradise for all birdwatchers!

When we finally reached the end of the trail, we saw the waterfall. I have to admit, I thought there was going to be several large waterfalls. The waterfall we saw was really small, however, it was still worth going there just to see the botanical garden and wildlife.

To see more pictures, CLICK HERE - Desertnut's Photos- powered by SmugMug.

I almost forgot to mentioned about the bamboo that was in my video. I kept hearing loud clicking sounds. Then I realized it was the bamboo canes clicking and dancing in the wind. So, I decide to film it. Naturally, the wind calmed down and the dancing bamboo canes were just slow dancing. Listen real hard at the end of my video and you will hear some clicking sounds. If you don't hear it, well then, it must of been my imagination! Go figure!

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