Saturday, September 26, 2009

Aloha Festival Parade - Waikiki Beach

Aloha from Hawaii! Now you know why I haven't updated my vlog lately. Didn't have time to edit and post videos, however, I did post a few pictures on Facebook and Twitter by using my phone. The above is a video clip teaser of the Aloha Festival Parade in Waikiki that I filmed from my iPhone and uploaded directly to YouTube. Isn't today's technology wonderful?

The Aloha Parade was awesome! This was the most entertaining and longest parade I ever saw. It was so long that I ran out of battery time on two batteries while using my HD camcorder. Unfortunately, I had to use my phone to film the last part of the parade. Notice at the end of the above movie you hear me say, "A good thing it wasn't my camera." What actually happened, I had placed my lemonade drink on the curbside next to my camcorder. A young man was walking by and accidentally stepped on my drink just missing my good cameras by a few inches. I'm so glad and relieved that my cameras didn't get stepped on (Now that was dumb...I shouldn't have put my cameras there in the first place)!

Anyone that knows me or who's been viewing my vlog from the beginning must think I'm a hypocrite. I mentioned I would never travel by plane because I was afraid. Trust me, I do not like flying, however, after two Dramamines and a soft pillow to lay my head on who cares. When my beloved dog, Pumpkin, passed away I was so depressed I needed to get away. That's when I decided to go with my hubby this year and visit our friends, John "The First American Dictator" author, and his wife Darlene, in Hawaii. They have a beautiful condo overlooking Waikiki Beach. Every evening we sit out on their lanai and watch the beautiful sunsets. I love this place so much I don't want to go home!

I've taken so many pictures and video on this trip that I don't have time to post them here until I return home. So stay tuned for another adventure!

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