Sunday, August 02, 2009

Vacation: Hiking on the North Rim - Part 7

We hiked between 4 to 6 miles each day taking pictures all along the rim. I have to admit, I was so tired the first day I hiked. I could barely walk back up the stairs to the lodge, I was out of breath. Then I realized I had taken a Dramamine earlier from our drive and the altitude was over 8,000 feet. The next day I ate a big breakfast and carried water with me and felt fine. What's amazing, I ate more then I normally do and ended up losing five pounds by the time I got home. We consumed a lot of food and drank a lot of water at the Grand Canyon. I didn't want to run out of steam on our hikes.
Pictures we took while on our hike.

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Anonymous said...

Great trip!

I enjoyed going with you guys...

Looking forward to the next one!


Alameda, CA