Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation: Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim - Part 4

We saw so many cute squirrels and chipmunks all over the North Rim. Before we came to the Grand Canyon, I didn't know the difference between a Cliff Chipmunk and a Rock Squirrel until I looked it up. The difference is the chipmunks are smaller then a squirrel with a striped face. We had one of those chipmunks greeting us and begging for handouts on the front porch of the log cabin we were staying at. We didn't feed the cute chipmunk because it's illegal to feed squirrels, or any other wild animals in the park.

We were told to keep our eyes peeled for the "Silver Ghost of the North Rim," also known as the Kaibab Squirrel. The squirrel lives only on the North Rim and nowhere else in the world. My husband claims he saw one sitting on a rock sunbathing and he filmed it. Watch the above video.

Music: Scheming Weasel
by Kevin MacLeod

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