Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How the Hummingbirds were being Filmed

I filmed this short clip with my iPhone on Sunday, July 12th. More footage of the baby hummingbirds will follow (I'm a little behind). To watch the baby hummers from the beginning click on the following link: Hummingbird Nest In A Wind Chime

It was fortunate that the hummingbird decided to build her nest on my neighbor's wind chime. My neighbor, George, already had a web cam directed at their front door and was able to redirect the cam to the nest. The web cam streamed live video to a picture in a picture on their big screen TV.

To get better quality footage, I loaned George my HD camcorder and tripod which he set up in their spare bedroom with a bull's eye view of the nest without disturbing the birds. While my neighbor was watching the golf tournament he kept one eye on the hummers and was able to start the camcorder whenever any significant action occurred.

So Ray from Alameda, stay tuned...


Poulsen said...

David Attenborough, eat your heart out!

Desertnut said...

LOL! Poulsen, you made me laugh!