Monday, June 29, 2009

Hummingbirds - 6 Days Old

The little hummingbirds in the wind chime are now six days old. When I filmed the above footage, the mother bird wasn't around. I suppose she was out shopping for baby food because the little birds had their beaks wide open.

The wind was blowing this evening causing the wind chimes to bounce all around as you can see in the above video. I was so worried the little birds would fall out of their nest. However, the wind finally calmed down and all is well.

Enlarge the video by clicking on the bottom far right next to the HD button to get a better view.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how old the babies are when they leave the nest. I can not imagine living in a wind chime

Alameda, CA

Desertnut said...

The baby hummingbirds usually leave their nest in about 3 weeks. These babies were hatched on June 23rd. So I'm thinking around July 13th they will leave their nest.

I can't wait until they leave their nest. I'm in constant worry about wind and the heat. Normally, baby hummingbirds cannot survive temperatures over 98 degrees. As you know, here in the desert, we've been having temperatures over 106 degrees so far. The good thing is the nest is in the shade so the birds don't have direct sun.

I've been trying to get a quick video of the mother feeding the babies. Haven't been lucky so far. I will need to find a good hiding place where the mama bird doesn't see me filming them. I don't know how good the video will come out from a distance, but I will try.