Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bad Things Happens in 3's

They say bad things happens in threes. Unfortunately some of my expensive electronics are experiencing it! Bummer!

First my camcorder, then my professional lighting, and now my super DVD drive on my Mac Pro! Looks like I won't be working on any new projects any day soon. I was so looking forward to using my green screen. Can't use it without good lighting and a better camcorder.

The good news is that the professional lighting is under warranty and will be replaced. The camcorder might be replaced with a warranty under my American Express. The super DVD drive in my Mac Pro, hubby said he can replace it by taking the old one out and putting in a new one. Things can be replaced, it's just the waiting that bugs me. Have I told you I have no patience?

It's been so hard for me to stay focused lately. I have one more project to do for someone and after this, I'm taking a break for the summer!

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