Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mini Vacation at Carmel

We just came back from a mini vacation in Carmel by the Sea. Once a year we take a trip with our dog, Pumpkin and stay at the Carmel Country Inn. It's a wonderful dog friendly bed & breakfast place that we love to stay! Our neighbor and friends came along too with their dog, Mack. We had a great time! Here are a few pictures I took. I will post video of our trip later when I find some time. So stay tuned.

My dog was loved at the Carmel Country Inn. Pumpkin got a cute little tee shirt from the owners. A great place to relax and have your dog with you! We love it!

To view larger pictures Click Here.


Anonymous said...

Linda: Thanks for sharing your mini-vacation. Do Mack and Pumpkin get along well? Mack is your "happy hour" guest, right? The ocean color was such a beautiful shade of blue! The beach looked so serene. Thanks again! Betty G.

Desertnut said...

Hi Betty! Yes, Mack & Pumpkin get along great. He is also the "happy hour" dog! I'm Mack's spare mom too. LOL!