Friday, March 13, 2009

Desert Cup Men's Member/Guest Golf Tournament

I had a lot of fun the last couple of days taking pictures for the Men's Golf Club. Here is a collection of the pictures that I've taken at the golf event. To see higher resolution pictures for downloading or printing, go to SmugMug.


betty said...

I accidently found your blog when searching for a review of Karen's cafe. I love your videos and accompaning music. I too live in Palm Desert. I joined a blog just to write to you. Is you dog doing better now? I have a Bijon. Such loveable companions our pets are.

Desertnut said...

Thank you, betty! That was so sweet of you to join here so you can make a comment on my blog! We are one of the lucky ones to live in Palm Desert! It's such a beautiful place to live.

Pumpkin is still doing very well. His fur is getting long again and due for another hair cut:) Your dog sounds cute! I love Bijon's! Take care!

betty said...

Hello Karen, from watching your videos, I feel as though I sort of know you. You say you don't like to cook, but you have several cooking videos. Your kitchen is so clean, especially the stove top. I made an angel food cake for my daughter when she was here earlier this week, and copied your idea with the peeps on top. I used green ones for St. Patrick's Day. For angel food cake, I should have put the peeps on at the last minute. I am anxious to try Peet's coffee now that I have seen you video of you making it. And I saw the other two coffee brewing videos as well. I do not make movies, but I enjoy the quality of yours. Are you leaving Palm Desert when it gets hotter? We live across Hovely from you in the Palm Desert Country Club. No, we don't golf like you and your long shadow in the early morning. I was a special ed. teacher until I lost my job last June. Still looking for a job. Not too fun at fifty!

betty said...

Oops! Your name is NOT Karen! I guess you can see why I am a special ed. teacher,LOL!

Desertnut said...

Hello Betty,

Your angel food cake you made with the green peeps for St. Patrick's Day sounded great! I knew they make pink & yellow but didn't know green is available now. So next time I'll have to try that too. I know I said I don't like to cook, but sometimes I do. It's kind of like sewing, I have to be in the mood.

Glad you enjoyed my coffee videos. The reason I made a couple of videos on coffee I had belonged to a social Coffee Convo network. I do enjoy Peet's coffee, it's my favorite. You can get it at Bristol Farms on Country Club Dr.

If I go outside and raise my hand and waive, I wonder if you can see me? I didn't realize we live that close to each other! I've played golf at Palm Desert Country Club. It's beautiful there! If you happen to see a yellow Titleist 3 golf ball over there with my initial L scribbled on it, that's my ball. I've lost so many golf balls over there! LOL!

Where we live now use to be our week end place. When my hubby and I retired we sold our other home and now live here in the desert full time. We take mini vacations during the summer time. My favorite place to go is Carmel, CA.

Sorry to hear about you losing your job last June. We need more teachers! I guess times are hard for everyone. I'm hoping this recession gets over quickly! I wish you the best finding a job.

I want to thank you so much for leaving comments on my blog. It puts a smile on my face and makes me feel it was worth sharing my videos.

Take care! LInda:) (the desertnut)

betty said...

hi Linda,
You are funny about raising your hand and waving. I am glad you do not think I am a stalker or something.

You mean I might find your golf ball marked "K" for Karen, right? LOL!

What I find the most interesting about your videos is that you show things in nature that I have seen out here, but when seeing it on your video, it seems more special. I drive by the flowers at the entrance to your CC almost every day. After viewing your video of them, it reminds me how unique this area is.