Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tamale Festival 2008 - Indio, CA

We went to the Tamale Festival on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Parking was a real challenged. We had to park five blocks from the festival, but it was worth it.

At the Tamale Festival, crowds were buying tamales and sampling from one booth to another. In addition there was a few art and crafts booths, a Juggler, a man on stilts, Latin music, and an amusement center with lots of fun rides for kids.

After sampling a variety of tamales, we ended up buying a dozen frozen tamales to take home. We brought along a bag that was well insulated to keep the tamales cold. It turned out by parking far away from the festival was a good thing. A heavy bag full of tamales and a long walk to the parking lot was our exercise for the day!

Click on above image to view a short video clip at the Tamale Festival. To watch video in high definition click here.

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CarneyFarm said...

Oh those tamales look so good. My husband loves the sweet ones I think they are made with pineapple ...I don't know I never had a sweet one.
And I love your blog. I have been so lazy with mine.